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A utility rich on functionality and with a lot of features and it handles almost every file format from NFS:HP (NFS3) and NFS:HS/RC (NFS4). Change the car color, sound, performance data or look at a 3D model of the car all from within the same program.

Have a look at the screenshots and download your copy of NFS Wizard.

  • Supports both NFS:HP (NFS3) and NFS:HS/RC (NFS4)
  • Import, export, delete, rename and duplicate files within a VIV file
  • Can handle BNK, ART, TGA, QFS, FSH, FCE, VIV, FEDATA and CARP - and not just as a part of a VIV file
  • Syncronize selectable parts of FEDATA and CARP
  • Direct X based FCE viewer with support for ART, TGA, QFS or FSH as texture with full color blending
  • Light and color editor for FCE files
  • FCE part renaming/color editor
  • Adjustable compression ratio for QFS objects
  • Dashboard gauge editing (NFS:HP (NFS3) only)
  • Serial number lister that allows you to quickly spot and solve conflicts
  • Built-in file explorer
  • User context pop-up menu on the file explorer (Use HSEdit from within NFS Wizard!)
  • Templates for quick creation of a new file
  • Automatic update check function
Topics addressed since last release:
  • Minor visual updates
  • Changed program and documentation to reflect the changes in website and e-mail
Future releases will include:
  • No further releases planned (Awaiting next game in the NFS series)
Confirmed bugs found in current release:
  • None

Screenshot #1
Direct X based FCE viewer with texture and color blending
Screenshot #2
Same FCE viewer combined with the power of MDI
Screenshot #3
Performance editing done the right way
Screenshot #4
The ease of sound editing